Teaching for Sustainability: Exploring campus venues to promote experiential learning

30 augusti 2024 09:00 till 12:15 Seminarium

Join us for an engaging and immersive seminar on experiential learning, where we will explore the vast potential of our campus and its surroundings as dynamic learning environments. Explore teaching venues and approaches that incorporate place-based learning, object-based learning, and imaginative pedagogy to enrich your pedagogical practice.

Experiential learning offers unique opportunities to engage students in learning through direct interaction with their environment. By leveraging the diverse environments and facilities of our campus, educators can create impactful learning experiences that promote deep learning and sustainability.

This seminar is designed to introduce educators to the principles and practices of outdoor pedagogy, place-based education, object-based learning, and imaginative learning. Speakers will showcase their teaching practice and share various venues and approaches to support participants in considering how to utilize campus resources to create enriching learning experiences. The event will blend informative presentations with interactive workshops and guided tours, offering both active listening and hands-on participation from those in attendance.

Note on Accessibility: During the seminar, we will move between LUX, Skissernas Museum, and the Botanical Garden. As such, the seminar involves walking between venues and is most suitable for individuals who can move easily between these locations. We recommend wearing comfortable footwear suitable for walking. If you have mobility concerns or require assistance, please contact the event organisers in advance so that we can make appropriate arrangements to support your participation.

The seminar will be in English.


We ask that you register to attend this seminar. Those that register will receive fika, a summary of the seminar, and resources for further reflection individually or within your department. Registration is open until 28 August. For late registration, contact Terese Thoni (terese.thoni@cec.lu.se).

Visit the registration page – forms.microsoft.com


This seminar is intended for any educators at Lund University. Others are welcome, but priority will be given to those with existing teaching assignments at Lund University.


The seminar begins in Room A127 in the LUX Building. The entrance is located at Helgonavägen 3. Upon entering, signage will be visible directing you to the room location. During the seminar, we will visit Skissernas Museum before ending at the Botanical Garden.

Get directions to the venue - maps.google.com

About the Organisers

The seminar is organised as part of the initiative Teaching for Sustainability. We aim to support educators, by developing and organising pedagogical coursework, training opportunities, workshops, expert-led seminars, and other inspiration-rich resources. Our ultimate goal is to foster a culture that enriches the educational experience for both educators and students that meaningfully advances sustainability.

Learn more about the Initiative – lu.se

We invite those interested to join our growing Community of Practice – we engage and empower members to explore real approaches to integrate sustainability into their teaching practice. Regularly, we host an inspiration or social event, bringing together the community. Anyone can become a member – the extent of your engagement is entirely up to you.

Join us on Microsoft Teams – teams.microsoft.com

The initiative Teaching for Sustainability is a cooperation between the Lund University Sustainability Forum, the Division of Higher Education Development (AHU), and the Centre for Engineering Education (CEE).

Sustainability Forum - lu.se
Division for Higher Education Development (AHU) - lu.se
LTH Centre for Engineering Education - lu.se

Om händelsen:

30 augusti 2024 09:00 till 12:15

Begins A127, LUX Building


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