Teaching for Sustainability: Cultivating a Sense of Joy, Passion, and Purpose in Your Teaching

16 oktober 2024 12:10 till 13:00 Seminarium

Experiencing teaching as joyful and fulfilling should be the norm, both out of care towards ourselves and our students. In this (bring-your-own) lunch seminar, we will reflect on what gives us a sense of joy, passion, and purpose in our teaching, how to cultivate those situations where we experience it, and how to share those experiences with our students. We will collect ideas that then will be compiled and shared after the seminar.

The aim of this lunch seminar is to help teachers reconnect with what gives them a sense of joy, purpose, and passion in their teaching, as well as to start developing strategies for how to create situations where these emotions are likely to be experienced, and how they can be shared with students. This contributes to both self-care of teachers, and vicarious experiences as well as more engaging learning situations for students.

Participants will be asked to reflect by themselves, discuss with a partner or in small groups, and share ideas via Mentimeter.

The lunch seminar is facilitated by Mirjam Glessmer (mirjam.glessmer@lth.lu.se) and will be held in English. 

No registration is required. 


This lunch seminar is intended for educators at Lund University, and others are welcome! Those participating are invited to bring their own lunch to enjoy during the seminar. The seminar will start promptly at 12:10. 


The lunch seminar will take place at Teknodromen (M:1201) in the M-building at LTH. If you are walking from Sjösjön down towards Ole Römers väg (E-house on your left, M-house on your right), you will see a cylindrical extension of the M-house. The entrance is located directly on the right of that cylinder, and the room “Teknodromen” is inside the cylinder.

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About the Organisers

The lunch seminar is co-organised in the CEE inspirational lunch seminar series and as part of the initiative Teaching for Sustainability. We aim to support educators, by developing and organising pedagogical coursework, training opportunities, workshops, expert-led seminars, and other inspiration-rich resources. Our ultimate goal is to foster a culture that enriches the educational experience for both educators and students that meaningfully advances sustainability.

Learn more about the Initiative – lu.se

We invite those interested to join our growing Community of Practice – we engage and empower members to explore real approaches to integrate sustainability into their teaching practice. Regularly, we host an inspiration or social event, bringing together the community. Anyone can become a member – the extent of your engagement is entirely up to you.

Join us on Microsoft Teams – teams.microsoft.com

The initiative Teaching for Sustainability is a cooperation between the Lund University Sustainability Forum, the Division of Higher Education Development (AHU), and the Centre for Engineering Education (CEE).

Division for Higher Education Development (AHU) - lu.se
Sustainability Forum - lu.se
LTH Centre for Engineering Education - lu.se

Om händelsen:

16 oktober 2024 12:10 till 13:00

Teknodromen, M-Huset (Ole Römers väg 1)

In English


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