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About the research

Since the autumn of 2017 I am a PhD candidate at the department of Educational Sciences.

My research is situated in the intersection of sociology of science, studies of higher education, and research policy. More specifically, I am interested in how norms, values, and structures of making a career in academia affect the practices and identities of early career academics in the social sciences and humanities. I focus especially on the interplay between how research and academic work are ascribed worth in different contexts and how early career academics learn to live, work, and produce knowledge within contemporary academia. Hence, my research includes a wide range of topics, such as the governance of science, research evaluation, academic socialization, and professional norms and identities. Furthermore, I am interested in the emerging field of “Valuation studies”, a field of study concerned with valuation as a social process, embedded in social relations and social interactions. 

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Jonatan Nästesjö

Doctoral Student
Educational Sciences
Department of Educational Sciences

Contact information

E-mail jonatan.nastesjouvet.luse

Visiting address Sölvegatan 16, MNO-huset, Lund

Postal address Box 117, 221 00 Lund

Internal post code 11