Board of the Department

Board of the Department of Educational Sciences The members consist of a chair, teachers, technical and administrative (T/A) staff-representatives, two student representative and a doctoral student representative. The mandate covers three years except for student representatives, whose mandate covers one year.

Urban Eriksson, Head of department
Anders Sonesson, Teacher, Assistant head of department
Sinikka Neuhaus, Teacher, Head of Teacher education
Marita Ljungqvist, Teacher
Roger Johansson, Teacher
Katarina Mårtensson, Teacher
Jonatan Nästesjö, Doctoral student
Karin Hjalmarsson, T/A Staff 
Maria Hedberg, T/A Staff
Hanna Johansson, Student representative
Evelina Lindroos, Student representative

Lina Andersson, Secretary

The board minutes are in swedish and can be found here. 

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