Supplementary Teacher Training

Do you want to become a teacher and have already completed 90 or 120 credits in one or several school subjects at a higher education institution? Alternatively, would you like to study your subjects first and then complete supplementary courses in teacher training? Then the supplementary teacher training (kompletterande pedagogiska utbildningen, KPU) may be something for you.

The supplementary teacher training (KPU), comprising 90 credits (three semesters). During the programme, you will learn how to teach your subjects through both theoretical studies and work placements in your future workplace, a school. KPU is an alternative path to the Degree of Masters of Arts/Science in Secondary Education. The programme will provide you with skills equivalent to 60 credits in educational sciences and a 30-credit work placement. KPU is not a short cut to the teaching profession; it is intended for those wishing to change profession or as a way into the teaching profession for those who already have subject knowledge.


To be eligible for KPU, you need to have completed 180 credits when you apply. Some of the credits can be in another subject/other subjects than those you would like to be qualified to teach. However, you must have the subject eligibility required for your subject/s. For example, to become a one-subject upper secondary school teacher, 120 credits are required in one of the subjects included in our programme and the subject studies must also include an independent project of at least 15 credits. If you fulfil these requirements and meet the general entry requirements for higher education, you are eligible to apply for KPU.

In assessing subject knowledge, we look at the requirements for each subject. For example, if you have a Degree of Master of Science in Engineering and want to become a three-subject teacher for years 7-9 in mathematics, physics and technology, we assess whether your qualifications demonstrate 90 credits within one of the subjects and 45 credits in the other two. Read more about eligibility and applications or contact the study adviser well in advance of the application period.

Admissions to the  supplementary teacher training are only for the spring semester.

In the 2020-2021 academic year, admissions will be for the subjects English, Swedish, Swedish as a second language, physics, chemistry, biology, science, mathematics, technology and modern languages. In the subject modern languages, admissions will be for Spanish, French, German and Italian.

The places for the supplementary teacher training are allocated as follows

Fifty per cent of the places are reserved for science subjects and fifty per cent of the places are reserved for modern languages and English, Swedish and Swedish as a second language. The applicants’ merit rating within each selection group is the same as the number of completed credits in the teaching subject for which the application is made.


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