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I am a post-graduate student in the post-graduate program called FRAM, which in English translates as foreign language education. My subject is English and my area of research is language acquisition.

In this post-graduate program each candidate does course work and research at 80% and teaches 20% at a high school. I teach Spanish at Liljeborgsskolan in Trelleborg.

My main interest is in how multilingual students use their different languages when faced with a writing task in English. By ‘multilingual’, I mean individuals who use at least three languages on a regular basis.


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About the research

My research concerns the subject of English, and I aim to study how multilingual students in year 9 draw on their different languages while preparing for the national test of English. 

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Tina Gunnarsson

Doctoral Student
Educational Sciences
Department of Educational Sciences

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E-mail tina.gunnarssonuvet.luse

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