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I am born in Malmö, Sweden and I have been teaching in history and religion. In 1993 I started as a Senior lecturer at the Teacher education in Malmö, as Associate Professor in History 2007, and was appointed as Professor in History within the field of didactics at Malmo University Sweden in 2010. Since 2011I am Professor with chair in Educational Sciences at Lund University.

My research has taken place in Sweden, USA, Greenland and England. I have co-authored the history Report of the national Evaluation of the Swedish Compulsory School, 9th grade (National Board of Education). My research interests are within the field of the use and understanding of history focusing on contemporary cultural and social history. I have published a number of books over the years in this field. I am also a member of the CiCe Research Student Strand since 2009 where I have been co-organizer of four doctoral student summer research conferences and a doctoral student summer school.


About the research

My research has focused on history and subject didactics as well as on modern cultural analysis of social history. What I want to explore is how we use history to understand ourselves and our world, including the context of school and education. We live not only in space but also in time. Methodically, I have paid particular attention to interpretation, communication, and formation of history. This is the theme in my dissertation, in which I analyze the struggle of writing history in one of the most dramatic events in Swedish history - the shots in Ådalen 1931. This theme has also been a frame work in my later publications on history and film, as well as on history of art and monuments in Sweden and the U.S.
I have also conducted research in the UK, the U.S. and Greenland. This has resulted in publications on Amalthea Drama in 1908, British strike breakers, May Day celebrations in the United States and Danish colonialism and Inuit emancipation. Furthermore, peace history and the use of and ways to use local history of Scania and Malmö have been important fields in my publications.
School and education has been a major research interest. I have conducted and co-authored the National evaluation of the history of the 9th grade, written about textbooks in Sweden and the U.S. and heading research circles for scholars and teachers.
I am director of a Doctoral school in Science and Science Communication and member of the board of the Doctoral school in Subject Didactics.


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