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Originally I am a computer scientist with a masters degree in computer science and mathematics. After getting a teacher certification, I worked for 10 years as a teacher in mathematics and programming in a Swedish gymnasium, grades 10-12. As a teacher I worked with overcoming the institutional barriers to using technology in mathematics education.

I am currently pursuing a PhD in educational research with focus on didactics of mathematics. My area of research is programming in compulsory school. In addition to this I also teach mathematics at Lund university, and work with building a national web site for ICT in mathematics education under NCM (the National Centre for Mathematics education).


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Other tasks and qualifications


DNA Computation of Integer Addition Table with Applications to Boolean Convolution, Proc. Workshop on Molecular Computing at MFCS ’98, September 1998, Brno, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer Verlag

DNA Computation of Integer Addition Table with Applications to Boolean Convolution, Romanian Journal of Information Science and Technology, Volume 1, number 4, 1998
- Gossiping with Bounded Size Messages in ad hoc Radio Networks, ICALP 2002: 377-389

Datorer på nationella prov, Nämnaren nr 4 2011, M. Christersson and T. Lingefjärd

Conference Lectures:

“Aktiv inlärning med GeoGebra”, Gymnasiecentrum för matematik, Department of Mathematics, Lund University, 2009

Euklidisk geometri och GeoGebra, Matematikbiennalen 2010 in Stockholm, A. Persson and M. Christersson

Matematik - ämnet som inte fick plats i skolans digitala miljö, Matematikundervisning för den digitala generationen - visioner och strategier september 2012, Malmö Högskola och Nationellt Centrum för Matematikutbildning

Programming as a means to learn mathematics in compulsory school, 26th Nordic and 1st European-Nordic Congress of Mathematicians 2013, Lund University

First prize in Kappa, a national contest in mathematics for teachers, 2004

Malin Christersson

Doctoral Student
Educational Sciences
Department of Educational Sciences

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