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My research focus is students' argumentation in socioscientific issues (SSI). SSI has been put forward to have the potential to place science content into a meaningful and relevant context and also to prepare students for life as citizens in a democratic society. Studies focusing on how students support their claims in socioscientific argumentation (SSA), show that students tend to base their arguments on values rather than knowledge. Students also have difficulties to construct arguments where claims and evidence connects to one another in an adequate way. It is therefore important to support students’ use of evidence-based reasoning. In my study, an intervention was planned and implemented. By making students more aware of expectations surrounding SSA, with regard to both content and structural aspects, their argumentation may improve.

The first part of the study aims to explore upper secondary school students’ written argumentation regarding a socioscientific issue (SSI). Focus lies on how students justify their claims. The second research focus is students’ experience of SSA education in the context of chemistry education.

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Louise Rietz

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