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I work as an academic developer at Lund University since 2000. I am a senior lecturer at the Division for Higher Education Development (AHU) within the Department of Educational Sciences. My PhD-thesis from 2014 is entitled "Influencing teaching and learning microcultures – academic development in a research-intensive university", studying conditions for academic development at the organizational meso-level.


About the research

Katarina Mårtensson's research area focuses on academic microcultures, social networks, professional development and academic leadership. 


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Other tasks and qualifications

My work include running courses, workshops and consultancy for academics, leaders, programmes and departments within the university. The ultimate purpose is to promote and support improved teaching and good student learning. One of our underpinning strategies is to support the growth and institutional embedment of scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL). I also engage in editorial work, and national and international networking and collaboration.

My main research interests focus on how social collegial contexts (what I and my colleague Torgny Roxå have labelled academic microcultures) and leadership influence academics' professional learning. In other words: Learning in the academic workplace, and what role colleagues and leaders might have in that learning. From that point of view I am interested in organizational learning, leadership and strategic educational/academic development. Besides my PhD-thesis I have published extensively on these aspects.

I have been part of the editorial team of the Swedish online journal Högre Utbildning and I was between 2013-2016 a co-editor of IJAD, The International Journal for Academic Development (Taylor & Francis). I have been regional vice-president Europe in ISSOTL, the International Society for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, and between 2016-2019 I am part of the presidential team in that organisation. I was chair of the 2nd Euro-SoTL-conference in Lund in June 2017.

My academic background is in speech & language therapy/pathology with teaching experiences from Problem-Based Learning, PBL and clinical tutoring, as well as from curricular development and evaluation.

Katarina Mårtensson

Senior Lecturer
Division for Higher Education Development
Department of Educational Sciences

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