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Since february 2013 I am a PhD-student in the didactics of social science education at the University of Lund, Campus Helsingborg, science of education institution. I am a teacher in upper secondary school in swedish and social science. I have been working as a teacher 2005-2013. I also have a fil. mag. (master) diploma in literature, pedagogic, gender science and the history of knowledge and ideas.

I grew up on the countryside in between the cities of Falkenberg and Varberg, I have had my university education in Gothenburg, Linköping and Lund. I live in Malmö and my studies to become a scientist are now taking place in Helsingborg.


About the research

My research concerns the concept of active citizenship and how it is prescribed in the curriculum regarding upper secondary school in Sweden. My focus is on social science education and the fundamental values expressed in the national curriculum. My curiousness is directed at an upper secondary school with high social and cultural status. On this school ideal of the supreme is manifested in many ways and when this ideal meets the egalitarian values of the curriculum a paradox is created. The pupils way to make an existence in a field of contradictions is what I am studying. I am working with theories of alienation, power, knowledge, status, hierarchies and privileges to make sense of the pupil’s ways to deal with their situation.

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Janna Lundberg

Doctoral Student
Educational Sciences
Department of Educational Sciences

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