Ylva Hamnell-Pamment in Sydsvenskan

By Caroline Cabot - Published 17 November 2023
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Foto: Kalle Kniivilä, Sydsvenskan.

Why is chemistry so difficult? Lund researcher Ylva Hamnell-Pamment has taught chemistry both in schools and at the university. She was surprised when students who had studied chemistry in high school and then for almost a year at university still struggled with the concepts. This eventually led to her dissertation 'Sensemaking in chemistry at upper secondary school.' Now she shares her results in Sydsvenskan.

When one doesn't understand, they only memorize formulas. But if you don't understand chemistry, it can end up like with Hallandsåsen and acrylamide, says Ylva Hamnell-Pamment.

– The subject of chemistry is like a canary in the mine. Difficulties with learning are very clearly visible there."

Read the article in Sydsvenskan here.