Enhance Your Teaching: Premiere of a New Seminar Series in Educational Sciences

By Caroline Cabot - Published 30 January 2024
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The well-established scientific foundation in the educational subjects at Lund University is evident, but how can we get better at using the same scientific foundation in our teaching? Welcome to Higher Seminars in Educational Sciences this spring!

Academic teaching, higher education policy, AI for researchers, and practice-oriented school research – this spring marks the premiere of Higher Seminars in Educational Sciences. Current topics are discussed here together with invited researchers who study various educational and teaching issues, aiming to create the best possible learning conditions for students.

The initiator is Mona Holmqvist, Professor in Educational Sciences at Lund University.

"There is a need for an active discussion on how we can embrace the research that already exists in educational sciences to improve the implementation of teaching and conduct education at different levels. All to provide our students with the best possible conditions," she says.

All interested parties are welcome to participate in the seminar series, ranging from teaching staff and teacher students at Lund University to collaborators at other higher education institutions and teachers in schools and preschools.

"The hope is that the seminar series will serve as a platform for discussions that deepen and broaden participants' understanding of educational science research from policy to classroom level," says Mona Holmqvist.

The series in given in Swedish, and this spring you can participate in the following sessions:

  • February 7: AI in Research, with Erik Winerö
  • March 20: Academic Teaching – Professionalization of Teachers in Higher Education with Klara Bolander Laksov
  • April 10: Practice-oriented School Research – What, Why, and How? with Ulrika Bergmark
  • May 8: Higher Education, with Lars Geschwind

Read more about Higher Seminars in Educational Sciences here.